Disney Cruise Countdown Project!

In 31 days we are taking off on our first ever cruise! Of course, if you know me – you’re totally not surprised to hear that its a Disney one! I love to keep the kids involved in my excitement. So today I created a count down. Whats the first thing I do? Go to Pinterest of course!

I began by searching simply for Disney cruise countdown and then just Disney count down. Another idea was to search disney cruise printables. Finally I was searching for Captain Mickey images. Now my ideas were on track. You can find what inspirations I found in my Disney Cruise board on Pinterest.

Find it here — >   http://www.pinterest.com/shepinsalot/disney-cruise

Next I brought out my Cricut expressions. My 3 yr old Julia was thrilled. This was starting to look pretty interesting to her. I printed out from the computer my 2 images I liked for our banner and then layered them onto blue glitter card stock. Julia insisted on blue ( due to her current Elsa obsession everything in the whole world should be blue according to her ). Both images are pinned on my board.

 Then we used my Mickey font cartridge in the Cricut and cut out 3 inch Red Mickey heads. I used my stamping UP! stamp set called Headline Numbers and navy ink to stamp the numbers on each head.

A little double stick tape on the back of each number will make removing one each day super easy!


And we have a Disney Cruise Countdown!


I decided that something very visual would be a lot easier for Julia to understand. She can now actually see how many days we have until our trip. Every night she asks when are we going on our cruise and now she will really know! If this had been a project just for my son Teddy ( who is 8 ) I might have done a chalk board where he could write a new number on each day as he is old enough to understand the numbers being counted down. However, I think this  works for both of them and he will be thrilled to see it when he gets home from school today!

This was simple to do and Julia even got to help. She’s now an expert on pushing the buttons on the Cricut.

Some other ideas you might like to do are calendars, paper chains ( one chain for each day ) chalkboards, or ?! =)  I pinned several ideas on my board before I decided on this one.

What I used for this project –

My computer { Pinterest and google image search } and printer.

My Cricut and Stamps and Ink.

Paper trimmer and Double stick tape.

Blue glitter and Red card stock.

Patience for letting a 3 yr old help 😉

Thanks for looking! feel free to pin it and share it

~ Rhonda

3 thoughts on “Disney Cruise Countdown Project!”

  1. Hey! I was browsing through Disney related posts and came across this post! I figured I would share with you that my site has some videos from one of our staff contributors that he posted when he took a Disney Cruise! If you want to check them out, they are under our video section here: http://modernmouseradio.com/keith-lapinigs-videos/
    Just scroll down and the names of the videos make it clear which are about the cruises! Enjoy and have fun on your first Disney cruise!

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