Ninja Party, Part 2!

Onto the details of this amazing birthday shindig! Everything had such an awesome visual impact. I learned from my last Halloween party that lighting is also a very important detail. So, while unfortunately my photography skills are sadly lacking, you can see in a few of the pictures what the room looked like with just the mood lighting on.

And now I present  – The great Ninja sleepover birthday!Ninjapartytopper

10990009_10205742562217523_3290692376684037999_n I found red globe lights in the dollar spot at Target! Then I hung the lanterns with LED color changing lights ( I’ve used those lights many times for parties ).  Inside the water jug was also a water proof LED color changing light. IMG_5006 I have an old door that I placed on two storage bins and it was a perfect Japanese style table. These kids are young, so sitting on the floor was no problem.  Red plastic table cloths and a table runner from Oriental Trading Company and you’d never know it was just an old door under there! IMG_5052 IMG_5027 You’d never guess that this is just our garage! A few rolls of plastic table sheeting from Party City can transform it into anything you need it to be! We also have a really awesome plastic foldable mat that we placed on the floor to soften the concrete floor a little. IMG_5046 When I first ordered this huge Tori Gate, I wasn’t sure exactly where it was going to go, but as soon as I realized that the beverage table was small enough for it to fit around – its purpose was clear! This was perfect! I also have an awesome husband that I suckered into putting it together for me. It’s all made out of cardboard that required a wee bit of folding and a whole heck of a lot of patience. I added the circle ninja printable to the center of it to incorporate it into the theme a little better as well. IMG_5040 Another awesome find on Oriental Trading Company.com was the huge black Pagoda cutout. I added another ninja circle printable and covered the gold boring windows with silver glitter cardstock. Because glitter. IMG_5062 The silver sequined table runners are one of my favorite party stash items I now own. I used them for my silver spider Halloween party this past fall as well! They can be found for cheap on Amazon.com The red mesh is just from Michael’s and can be easily re used as well! I’m thinking come 4th of July, the silver runner with the red mesh would look awesome over a blue table-cloth! IMG_5089 IMG_5098 Very popular on Pinterest were the Rice Krispy treat “sushi”. I totally cheated on these and just bought a box of the pre-made ones from Costco. A box of fruit rollups and swedish fish are all you need to complete them. This was also the perfect thing for Teddy to help with! He is the one who made them all! The gummy ninjas were another Oriental Trading company find! The clear trays are one of my reusable items. I change out cardstock on them to fit the current theme. This time i found gorgeous red foil paper and just cut it to size. IMG_5083 Mini chocolate cupcakes were topped with the Ninja star confetti that I found through OTC ( Oriental Trading Company ) One of my favorite things are foil cupcake wrappers as they look the best after baking and no fancy “wrap” is needed to be added. IMG_5093 IMG_5085 The cupcake holder was from OTC and the toppers are from the printables set from Etsy mentioned in the previous post. I made a booboo tho when I sent my order to be printed at Costco! I had forgotten to add the page with the circle toppers! However, I had chosen the drink flags to be printed out larger at 11×14 size and they ended up being the perfect substitute for my cupcake topper! I actually think I would do this on purpose next time! Loved the look of the giant flags! I use black coffee stirrers for the sticks. The cupcakes here were another cheat! Costco had a special tray of mini pound cakes. I frosted them with my home-made icing that is Teddy’s favorite and then just wrapped them in silver glitter cardstock! ( because glitter of course haha! see – even boy parties can have the glittah! ) IMG_5086 IMG_5096 My silver tins are always part of my table scape and this time I balanced out the sugar by filling them up with lots of fruit! Gummy ninja stars tho were a must 😉 IMG_5103 In keeping in the theme, we did Panda Express for dinner. This was a huge hit! And it just happens to be Teddy’s favorite fast food place so he was of course thrilled. We sure did end up eating leftovers all weekend! That was a lot of food!! 10-year-old boys did not eat as much as I thought they would. I love doing one big table for all of my food and dessert. It worked great for the space I had to use and the humongous pagoda was more than big enough to be an adequate backdrop! I’m all about the big impact! Those are the things that make a party pop! IMG_5095 IMG_5022 The whole theme really was just gorgeous all together! IMG_5136 IMG_5135 The look on his face! Even though I know he’d be just as happy just running around with his friends and blowing out candles,  I can’t help but want to go overboard just for him. 10446348_10205730986768144_5029073793260994384_n We didn’t have any set games this time. I set up the badminton set in the backyard and found a birdie for it that had a red LED light in it! and then I loaded them all up with lots of red glowing things and with their foam swords and a few Nerf guns they had a blast just having free play for part of the night! 11391457_10205731171892772_1628017144303978082_n We then turned the garage into sleep over central and my husband set up our projector and screen in there! They watched Beverly Hills Ninja and had popcorn. Somehow they still had the stamina to stay up until 130 am 0_o and…. then were up with the sun at 530am. We put on Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles for them at that point and some of them drifted back off to sleep. I did not. Hence that whole loathing of sleep-overs I have! haha. IMG_5170 Breakfast was super simple. Muffins and donuts from Costco. I cut them in half so that they would go further with less waste and a cut up watermelon balanced them out a bit 😉 The party ended at 9am and was a huge success! Teddy was so happy with everything and had so much fun. From playing bloody Mary in the bathroom ( I can remember doing that at my 3rd grade sleepover lol ) to running around in the dark to all the little details – He had a very happy birthday. And that is all that mattered. IMG_5171 and in case you love a good dubsmash CLICKHERE  😉 ~ Ninja Mom Rhonda 

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