What a crazy amazing month I’ve had!! Have you ever heard of LuLaRoe? If you have… you just smiled and I know we’ll be good friends 😉 If not — welcome! It’s a clothing company.. and then some!! About a year ago we began a journey of moving to Texas from Washington state. ( that’s a whole blog post for one day! haha ) I stumbled upon a consultant at a craft fair and purchased a couple of pairs of leggings. OH! The leggings! They are the gateway drug into LuLaLOVE! Had I not been living in a hotel at the time waiting for our house to be finished ( A whole nother million blog posts that I could do on too ha! ) I would have signed up a long time ago. Alas, selling out of a hotel room with 2 children, a dog and a husband was not to be. We moved in 3 days before christmas and then moving and settling us in took priority.

Then May 19th happened – my other love ( besides the awesomeness of wearing LuLaRoe) is Disney. LuLaRoe signed a contract with Disney to carry their characters on their prints!! I knew that was my sign that my life needed to be filled with both of these things that make me so happy. For when I wear LuLaRoe, I am me. I feel beautiful and comfortable and I have prints and colors that express exactly that. And then to top it off with Mickey and Kermit and Ariel and Pooh and so many more!! Heck yes! Count me in!

Before I launched my business, I was able to attend their convention in Anaheim at the end of July. It was torture to be right across the street from Disneyland! I did get Downtown Disney retail time sneaked in tho! When you walk into Disney, you feel something. A belonging to a world that makes you internally happy. That was the same feeling I got the whole time I was at the LuLaRoe convention surrounded by more than 20,000 people all wearing LuLaRoe. We all smiled. We all were happy. We all had so much fun – because we were comfortably ourselves. I learned a lot, I was inspired a lot!

Facebook-Cover-Photos_Spring-2015-v7I’m now at the 2 week point of blessing others with LuLaRoe. I am so grateful. It’s a lot of work, but it’s so rewarding. Especially when 2 pairs of leggings I shipped off this morning will be in Disney in a few days making someones vacation just a little more special!! And I know they will be super comfortable standing in line and climbing in and out of rides – and super extra cute in pictures! Of which I can’t wait to see!!

So! find a comfy spot, grab a favorite beverage and join in my Facebook LuLa Group where I will be doing live sales, and wall drops and all kinds of fun things!! Or – If you’re located in the Dallas Fort Worth area – I can’t wait to meet you!!

Click here for my Facebook Group

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