A preview of things to come!

Hello and welcome!

I couldn’t decide on what to feature first so I figured I’d wet your whistle and highlight a few of my favorite parties that I’ve done. This is in order to give you an idea of what I will be blogging about as I go along. Then I’ll start digging into the details and sharing those with you along with offering good deals on selling a few of the party left overs that I used in them! That whole over doing it part comes in handy when putting a party together… but then what? Well – then you my favorite new blog follower will score when I start to clean out my stash!  So enjoy this preview of all to come!

May 2012. Avengers birthday party for my son.

This was too much fun. There was an abundance of food dye used for sure!

This was also one of my first real attempts at a dessert table. But what an awesome theme! There was a lot to work with. All food was made by me. and lots of food dye. ( which I only advocate for parties! or holidays… or to make something really cute! )



Halloween 2013.

This was my 3rd annual Halloween party. If you’re looking for a crazy Halloween party lady, I’m your gal. I’m already planning the 2014 one!  ( or rather I’m already stockpiling supplies for it. ) In case it’s not shockingly overwhelmingly clear…

It was a candy corn theme. I’m kinda into that whole ‘theme’ thing. Just a little.



January 2014. 3rd birthday Tea Party.

This was just this past month for my daughter Julia’s 3rd birthday party. I can’t wait to start sharing all the details about this one! I went way way way overboard with this one. Because pink. and tea party. and girly. Most of it is still decorating my house… I’m using Valentine’s Day coming up as the excuse… because its pink and romantic and I like to sit in the room with the just the twinkly lights on. Come over and sit with me and you would understand not wanting to take it all down either.



So there you have it. I get better with each party as any one would hope to do. I’ve learned a lot as Ive attempted new themes or even just the same theme like with Halloween. I had over 50 kids this past Halloween party and I hope to have even more this next year. I hope to simply just become part of the moms out there that enjoy doing this simply for the act of doing it. I don’t have a business. I don’t do other people’s parties. I just love to have the most fun with my kid’s parties and Halloween has become my big thang. So  – by bloggin about them, I get to re live them! The details are what gets me excited. This is what brought my idea back to incorporating Pinterest into this blog.

When I first started doing my kid’s parties like the above Avengers party, I had never heard of Pinterest yet. I had seen sites like Catchmyparty.com and had an awesome friend named Kellie who was/is amazing at parties as my inspiration. Then I found Pinterest. This is where I got the idea to do a Halloween party. I couldn’t not use all the amazing things that I was pinning! I needed an outlet for them. So the first Halloween party was born in 2011. Suddenly my pin board started getting nice and filled up. If you scroll down to the bottom of my Halloween board, there are the first pins that were the inspiration for that very party. We’ll dive into the Halloween parties later this year as I get ready for the next one.  So then as each party came about, I discovered that Pinterest was a treasure trove of ideas and inspiration. Now I hope to contribute back to that community. I hope you’ll feel free to help in doing so by wanting to pin my pictures and blog posts as much as you want! ( please just don’t crop off my water mark and please make sure to have it link back to my website )

Happy Pinning and Partying!

~ Rhonda xoxo


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